Recent Cosplay Creations
Character or StyleSeries, Game, Version, or DesignerYear
Kenshin HimuraSamurai X2018
ArielThe Little Mermaid - Disney2017
GastonBeauty and the Beast - Renaissance - Original Design2017
Green Renaissance dressRenaissance - Original Design2017
Black and Silver DoubletRenaissance - Original Design2017
LinkLegend of Zelda - Twilight Princess2017
Princess Zelda
Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess
Black and Silver GownRenaissance - Original Design
Snow White
Snow White - Disney2015
Summoner YunaFinal Fantasy X2015

Costume Construction
ProductionLocationCostume DesignerYear
Willy Wonka
Ashland ProductionsRebecca Marie Epperson2016
When Planets Align(UNK)Sara Curran Ice2015
Lady From The Sea(UNK)Brenna Leigh2015
Vintage(UNK)Sara Curran Ice2015
Die Fledermaus(UNK)Sara Curran Ice2014
The Best ManBlack Hills Play House (BHP)Brenda Winstead2014
Spamalot(BHP)Sara Curran Ice2014
The Secret Garden(BHP)Amber Marissa Cook2014
Sylvia(BHP)Gene Salgado2014
A Cry Of Players(UNK)Sara Curran Ice2014
It's Essential! Tradition Reinvissioned(UNK)Sara Curran Ice2014
The Tutor(UNK)Rebecca Marie Epperson2013
The Birthday Party(UNK)Brenna Leigh2013
Don't Dress For Dinner(UNK)Sara Curran Ice2013
Beauty And The BeastTheatre West (TW)Rebecca Marie Epperson2013
Spamalot(TW)Deb Benson2013
Harvey(TW)Rebecca Marie Epperson2013
Urine Town(UNK)Sara Curran Ice2013

Costume Design
Willy WonkaAshland ProductionsChristopher Teipner2016
Hatching/The Egg - When Planets AlignUniversity of Nebraska Kearney (UNK)Dayna Ann DeFilippis2015
Rehearsal For Death(UNK)Jacey L. Anderson2014
It's Essential! Tradition Reinvissioned(UNK)Dillon Nelson2014
The Tutor(UNK)Anne Foradori2014
Beauty and the BeastTheatre WestJim Kimbrough2013
HarveyTheatre WestWilliam Groth2013

Wardrobe Crew
Costume DesignerYear
(UNK)Sara Curran Ice2015
Spamalot(BHP)Sara Curran Ice2014
The Secret Garden(BHP)Amber Marissa Cook2014
Don't Dress For Dinner
(UNK)Sara Curran Ice2013


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Rebecca Marie Epperson

                -Costume Design and Costuming Resume

BA in TheatreUNKGraduated: May 2015
Special Skills

​Hand Sewing, Machine Sewing, Patterning, Draping, Sizing Adjustments, Simple Embroidery, Millinery, Leather Working,

​Underpinning, Stage Make-up, Prop Construction, Costume Construction, Cosplay Costume Construction.